Discover Dubai Opera: Where Art and Events Converge

Welcome to the world of Dubai Opera, a realm of artistic excellence where our venues transcend mere spaces and transform into captivating canvases for a myriad of events. As the curtain rises, embark on a glimpse into enchanting worlds within: from the versatile concert hall to the heart of downtown Dubai. Each venue, whether echoing with musical portraits inspired by the grandeur of an opera house or adapting seamlessly to theatre mode, invites you to experience the extraordinary.

Step into a tapestry of events where Dubai Opera's venues redefine the art of hosting, ensuring every moment is as unique as the next. 

Our Venues


Step into the Dubai Opera Auditorium, a versatile multi-form theatre situated in the heart of Dubai Downtown. This captivating venue effortlessly transforms from an elegant stage for concerts and theatrical shows to a resplendent concert hall. In traditional theatre mode, it adapts gracefully to host a variety of events, from social and corporate gatherings to gala dinners, weddings, product launches, and fashion shows.

The Auditorium offers unforgettable nights filled with the mesmerizing sounds of Arabic music, featuring world premiere by some of the most successful singers. Its chameleon-like versatility ensures an extraordinary experience for every occasion, making it a cornerstone in the vibrant cultural scene of Dubai. 


Nestled on the Grand Circle with a panoramic view of the Plaza, The Studio at Dubai Opera is a cutting-edge space where innovation seamlessly blends with intimacy. Tailored for social and corporate events, cocktail receptions, and corporate dinners, this acoustically soundproof haven is more than just a venue – it's an artistic canvas. From dynamic dance practices to impactful product launches, The Studio sets the stage for the extraordinary.

As a hub for creativity, it has hosted a concert featuring downtown Dubai, an opera house, and accolades like the "best world music album" and "highest attended Arabic concert," showcasing the musical genius that makes every night at The Studio an unforgettable experience for captivated audiences. 


A stylish connector between our various venues, the Promenade is a prelude to the extraordinary experiences that await. Ideal for weddings, birthday events, gala dinners, social and corporate gatherings, product launches, and New Year parties, the Promenade is where anticipation and elegance converge.

The Garden

Situated in the vibrant heart of Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Opera Garden is a stunning open-air venue with panoramic views of the Dubai Fountains and the iconic Burj Khalifa. Accommodating up to 700 standing guests, this versatile space is perfect for a lively program of events, including New Year parties, weddings, birthday celebrations, product launches, gala dinners, and music events. It offers a picturesque setting for every occasion, ensuring an unforgettable night in the heart of downtown Dubai.

Grand Circle Foyer

Elevate your experience in the Grand Circle Foyer, an indoor haven with a spectacular view of The Dubai Fountain. Adorned with the famous Symphony chandelier, this venue is tailor-made for New Year parties, cocktail receptions, birthday events, wedding ceremonies, music events, and gala dinners. Situated in the heart of the Opera District, it offers an ambiance of unparalleled sophistication, perfect for hosting a world premiere, live concert, or any significant event, whether it's the first in over a year or a lively programme for unforgettable nights.