Embark on the Dubai Opera Grand Tour: A Symphony of Elegance

Join the Dubai Opera Insider community and explore the Dubai Opera Grand Tour, a captivating odyssey that unravels the hidden tales and details of this iconic venue in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Discover the allure of its attractions and delve into the fascinating stories that make it a cultural gem in the United Arab Emirates. Your exclusive pass awaits to unlock the mysteries and wonders of Dubai Opera's rich heritage and artistic legacy.

About Dubai Opera:

Dubai Opera stands tall as the epicenter of performing arts in Dubai and proudly holds the title of the only opera house in the United Arab Emirates. Since its grand inauguration in 2016, Dubai Opera has been a beacon of cultural excellence, playing host to some of the world's most renowned stars in music, theatre, and performance arts. This architectural masterpiece has captivated audiences with its stunning design and has become an integral part of the city's cultural fabric.

What to Expect:

·         Heritage and Design: Explore the beauty and history of Dubai Opera during the Dubai Opera Grand Tour. Learn about the unique architecture, sculptures, and exclusive artworks adorn this remarkable building. Join us for an enriching experience that unveils the stories behind its rich heritage.

·         Backstage Wonders: Explore the mysteries of Dubai Opera's backstage areas with the Dubai Opera Grand Tour. Walk through dressing rooms' mirrors, uncover trap room secrets, and witness the rarely-seen seat storage area. This exclusive experience is part of the Dubai Opera Grand Tour, offering visitors a behind-the-scenes encounter with the orchestra, details of the dressing rooms, and other attractions during concerts.

Why the Dubai Opera Grand Tour?

·         Uncover Exclusive Insights: Immerse yourself in exclusive insights into the heritage and design that define Dubai Opera as a true masterpiece.

·         Explore Behind-the-Scenes: Delve into the magic behind the performances as you get a rare glimpse into the normally hidden backstage areas of this iconic venue.

·         Limited Availability, Maximum Experience: Take advantage of a unique opportunity with limited slots for the Dubai Opera Grand Tour, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. Discover the beauty of the building, explore concert spaces, and peek into dressing rooms—an attraction like no other in Downtown Dubai