On May 4, 2024, brace yourselves for an unforgettable night at Dubai Opera as the world-renowned pianist Denis Matsuev takes center stage, presented by M Premiere and MN Live. Performing under the theme "Classics & Jazz," Matsuev will showcase masterpieces from Grieg and Rachmaninoff to Gershwin and Bernstein, spanning centuries and continents. Joining him are his friends, jazz musicians Andrey Ivanov on double bass and Alexander Zinger on drums.

Matsuev, heralded as one of the greatest pianists of the 21st century, gained prominence after winning the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1998. His interpretations breathe new life into even the most renowned piano pieces, imbuing them with fresh energy and nuances.With engagements alongside premier symphony orchestras worldwide, Matsuev captivates audiences with his innovative performances and sensitive renditions. His concerts are marked by brilliant improvisations and virtuosic surprises, reflecting his inexhaustible energy, talent, and charisma. Above all, Matsuev's mission is to share the beauty and depth of music with every listener.

Approximately 2 hours including intermission

Dubai Opera is the ideal venue to celebrate elegance and style. Kindly avoid overly casual or provocative attire, such as shorts or flip flops, to uphold our venue standards. Guests not complying with the dress code will not be permitted entry.

6+ years would require a ticket to enter the Dubai Opera Main Auditorium.

Below 6+ years are not permitted into the Dubai Opera Main Auditorium.