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Dubai Opera Tour


During the Holy Month of Ramadan Dubai Opera Tours will be available at 9:30am and 9:30pm. Not available on 15 May &  18, 21 & 28 June.

Embark on an adventure to discover Dubai’s iconic cultural destination, blending visionary architecture with moments of magic.

The Experience:

  • Listen to our stories about Dubai Opera’s unique heritage and breathtaking design.
  • View our exclusive VIP hospitality suite.
  • Access our unique multi-format auditorium

What you will expect:

“The stunning architecture along with the fabulous acoustics made for a world class experience.’’ – @Weofthenevernever from Dubai, UAE

“Beautiful looking building outside and especially inside. Well designed”. Paul L, from Norwich, UK

“Spectacular venue in the middle of Downtown Dubai. Beautiful mix of modern and cosy” – Anne M

“The building itself is fantastic and could easily put other renowned opera halls to shame”. @ Nicolas_Kar from The Hague, The Netherlands ­

“This imposing structure next to Burj Khalifa is a wonderful work of art in itself!” @Hooggenoeg, from Johannesburg, South Africa


Dubai Opera is located in Downtown Dubai on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

Tours last approximately one hour and depart from the Box Office.

Tours are conducted in English or Arabic. Other languages are available on advance request.


Public Tours

Public Tours are available on most days. Please check for the schedule. Tickets can be purchased online and at the Box Office, either in advance or on the day of the tour (subject to availability).

School and Private Tours

Please contact for pricing and additional information.


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